Windows requires an active internet connection in order to notify you about important updates via the built in Update utility. Even though you can set different parameters regarding how updates should be downloaded and installed i.e. automatically or manually, Windows doesn’t allow you to store an update’s installation package to an offline storage on your PC, which could come handy to re-install updates on a fresh Windows build, or to update multiple computers without requiring to re-download each update file on each machine. This is where applications like Portable Update jump into the game. It’s a small portable program that allows you to download and save updates to an external drive, and then use the included update utility to install them on another computer.

Portable Update downloads and stores updates in its cache folder, which is automatically placed on the USB drive on which you’ll be storing and running the program. Once the updates are copied to this folder, you can use the update feature – which basically uses Windows Update API – to install them to any Windows system you want. Let us check how this works.


Portable Update

First, download the ZIP file from this link and extract its contents to a portable drive. Once launched, the application asks you to download some additional Windows files require to run the program; simply click Yes to let it download them. You can also click the Start button at the top-right to perform the task.



The first step is to click the Start button under the Search tab, which makes the tool look for the available update files. This may take anywhere from a few to several minutes depending on how many updates are available. Once examined, Portable Update displays the total number of updates found.

Portable Update

In addition, the list of updates automatically appears under the Search and Download tabs. The next step is to download and install these updates. All you have to do is click the Start button under each tab to get it done. Just connect the USB drive on the target computer when installing updates. The application lets you choose which update files you’d like to download and install by marking them in the list. In addition, Portable Update also lists the services available to run the update process under the Services tab.

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