I remember when I was a kid, I used to hate maths a lot. I always used to avoid doing homework . I used to feel like a very boring subject. Everytime, I used to write and perform calculation. Our teacher used to take test and everytime, I used to write in the papers and give my examinations. But now, the world has changed a lot. Yesterday, while going through the Windows 8 store, I found a beautiful app named “iMath“. As the name suggests, it is an educational app that helps the student learn maths in a very interesting way. This is suitable for children less than 12 years. This app is easy to use, very complete, functional and appealing all at the same time.


Maths is a very special discipline.  To study maths it is necessary to possess innate ability where simply understanding is not enough to teach. Creativity is needed.

So How to teach Maths?  The same problems arise again and again.  How to motivate the students?  How to teach the students to think?  How to make our students more autonomous?


This App lets us perform:
- Linear equations
- Arithmetic with whole numbers, fractions, polynomials and decimals.
- Convert units: time, length (metric and imperial) , mass (metric).
- Complete numeric series.
- Match the operation with the result.


For each exercise you can select the difficuly by limiting the size if numbers used for (less tan 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, to 1000).

These numbers will then appear in different styles of questions (multiple choice, fill in the gaps, compare, greater than or less than,…..etc.)

The students will then be given challenges to overcome and the App then keeps track of their achievements  and their score.

App Link:  http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/2c234114-edc4-43b0-befa-25888032b29c

Rating 4.5/5